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Kat N. Monroe plays in the metaphysical realms, offering online Intuitive Readings to clients by channeling guidance and clarifying messages necessary to advance in life. When not busy creating spiritual-based content, Kat enjoys writing and exploring various literary genres ranging from Poetry, Fiction, Self Help, and other styles. Throughout several years she has gained a loyal group of fans, eagerly awaiting her latest creative releases; you can find Kat on Instagram, Patreon and Youtube, entertaining various soul groups whilst sharing her ever-evolving art forms.

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January 2022

Hey Soul Fam!


    Happiest New Year to you all! There are many surprises that this year brings... I cannot wait to share every detail with you (in good time)! For the next couple of months, you will noticed many changes across all my creative platforms: YouTube, Instagram and especially here, on this very website.

    It's safe to admit my writing had taken a bit of a backseat to my more spiritually-driven ventures, and I'm excited to announce 2022 will allow for more written opportunities to share more of my creativity. Stay tuned for more released of Fiction Erotica, Thriller, and Self-Help; coming real soon! Psst, be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on new releases. You'll be the first to know! ;)




"If mountains do not apologize for the magnificent space they take up, neither will I."

   Kat N. Monroe


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