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Iced Coffee & Hot Sex

I placed my mouth around Spark’s shaft and moaned, allowing my hums to vibrate as I cocked my head back and forth on him. He had me lit up since Canada Day last year after giving me my first post break-up kiss, and I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to connect with him after he'd messaged me on Instagram asking me out for a coffee... He’d packed on more muscle since our last encounter. His hair was shaved off on the side in a nice fade; he kept his dark with longer-waviness up top. Catching sight of his piercing brown eyes made my breathing heavier, and my knees weak. All of a sudden I was back in the middle of that large crowd, spontaneously making out under a blast of fireworks… “Hope you still like your coffee iced," he said, snapping me out of memory recall. "I got here a bit earlier, thought I’d order for you…” “Wow... you remembered,” I blushed, accepting the drink out of his hand. “Remind me to thank you later.” “Oh, I will.” He winked. Message received. We sat at Starbucks catching up on lost time for about an hour until we could no longer ignore ignore the sexual tension lingering between us...

Before we knew it we were at his place, ripping off our clothes in a heated moment.

There was something about his allure; it always drew me in. He is a magnet of sex-appeal, and I couldn’t resist his charm. And so, there I was: naked and on my knees sucking his cock, praising his manliness with my throat.

He sat back comfortably on his couch watching me at work, occasionally closing his eyes in a soft moan.

My guess is he was working out a math equation or two in his head to stop himself from busting right then and there.

I felt his pulse on my tongue several times, and I was determined to complete my job no matter how long it took. He had another plan.

He bent down in my direction, placed a soft finger on my chin and raised my face up at him. He wiped the excess spit off my lips with his thumb and kissed me passionately.

I remained crouched before him as we made out, soon fondling my clit as our tongues slid against each other. “Wait right here,” he whispered, noticing my self-pleasuring.

He got up and walked into his bedroom before re-emerging with a condom wrapped tightly around his dick.

“Come here, beautiful.” I slowly crawled over to him, ensuring my eyes remained locked on his gaze.

He held out his hand for me, and I took it.  Helping me up into a stance, he proceeded to kiss me along my neck line, gradually turning me around; lips locked.

I grinded against him, feeling his thickness grow even larger. “I have waited a long time to have my way with you, Kat.”

His voice was deep, sending goosebumps all over me. Sparks felt his way from my throat down to my pussy. Once feeling my wetness, he bent me forward.

I gasped as he entered me; proceeding to pound me so hard, I could barely keep my balance; his strong grasp on my lower hips kept me right where he wanted. Screams flood out of me with every forceful thrust.

His balls slapped against my clit, and then I came. Twice.

He followed soon after.

Once we found our underwear among the scattered clothes on his floor, we plopped onto the couch to rest until our breathing slowed back to a normal rate. “So.” He broke the silence, looking down at me with a gratified smirk as I rested my head on his shoulder. I looked back up at him and giggled.


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