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Les’ Be Honest

Christine and I had both been ditched on our double date, so we decided on a girls night in: cheese pizza, old movies, and plenty of wine. A good ol’ no boys allowed kinda vibe. We sang along to Grease and laughed until our face masks cracked, then we laughed at how ridiculous we looked. Two bottles later we sat on her balcony and smoked the blunt we prepared earlier. The night was crisp; summer had started to hit its end.

We crammed into her outdoor sofa under a thick blanket, passing the weed back and forth while exchanging old sex stories. “I can’t believe you made him keep on the costume!” I burst out laughing. “What’s wrong with that?” Christine snapped back with a smile, and an underlying attitude. “No, no!” I passed back the blunt, “I’m laughing ‘cause I’d totally do the same!” “This is true,” she replied, smirking. A silence came over us and we just sat there, listening to distant crickets sound below.

She resided on the 7th floor of an apartment overlooking a large greenery park, smack-dab in the middle of the city: a peaceful transition from sirens and bright, twinkly lights. I decided to break the silence. “That conversation left me so fucking horny.” “Oh. My. God. Right?! All I could think about is dick, dick, dick.” “Suddenly I’m not so thankful we got ditched.” “Well, I’ve got a new dildo if you want to use it. I know I’m sure as hell about it. Bought it just the other day from the Sex’R’Us over on Clifford.” I laughed at the business name.

Then I pictured a big red dog. “You know what?” I gulped back the rest of the wine bottle, “I’m down.” She disappeared into the darkness of her apartment and I remained outside, finishing the blunt we hadn't completed earlier. The cool air felt good with my current high. It was a refreshing-sort-of-drunk feeling...

Christina eventually reemerged with a large pink bunny vibrator and a grin.

“This bitch’s name is Lola.” “Oh hello, Lola,” I said seductively. “I’m Kat.” “Meow, kitty,” Christine whispered. She walked over to me, crouched down, took the blunt from my mouth; smoked the last of it, and tossed it off her balcony.

We kept our eyes on each other, our silence offering both an invitation and the unspoken promise: just once. Being eaten out by a girl is not at all the same as from a man. Her tongue tickled my clit just right, and her deep finger massaged my walls causing me to drip onto her hand more than any man succeeded with this act. I suppose when you own a pussy, you know how it’s meant to be done! I don’t even remember getting naked, but I do remember the cold. I didn’t care, though. My nipples stood alert as Christine rubbed Lola’s soft handle over me on a light vibration, before inserting it in for me. I licked my lips, inviting her to come closer. As I fucked myself with the bunny, she re-positioned herself by standing on the couch and over my head, allowing me to return the favor. Moans and deep exhales left the both of us as we came, nearly at the same time. We both quickly put on our clothes, dove under the blanket again, poured ourselves a new bottle of wine, and laughed at what we’ve just done; shocked, yet satisfied. “Chicks before dicks!” Our glasses clinked. Simultaneously my phone vibrated.

Casper: Hey stranger. Wat u doin for Halloween?

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