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Sparks Between Us

Red flames engulfed the CN Tower: a signal the show is about to commence.

Three girlfriends and I stood bundled together, a tried tactic to not lose each other in an audience of at least a 20-thousand. Everyone gathered together in red and white for Canada Day, eager to witness the fireworks go off at any moment.   I looked around, admiring the crowd. Kids with LED bands around their wrists and necks jumped about excitedly, their parents repeatedly lecturing them to stay close. Groups of various ages and cultures clumped together. One group in particular stood taking swigs of hard liquor disguised in coffee cups, their intense purse-of-lips after each sip had given it away. Most elders stayed on the outskirts, comfortably people-watching off their lawn chairs. Everyone was out this Saturday night. What a scene! That’s when I noticed them among the shuffle of faces... a pair of familiar brown eyes looking back out at me...

  No fucking way.

He waved me down and gradually maneuvered through the crowd to my side.

I hadn’t seen him in nearly 9 years, maybe since high school let out. Mmmph, college did him good “Crazy seeing you here, beautiful.”

I was promptly brought in for a close, welcoming hug. “Crazy is an understatement. How the heck have you been?” “Great! Back in the city for a couple of nights to party, you know the drill. You look fantastic!” That’s when I got a whiff of his cologne. Damn, he smells delicious.

He smirked, as though acknowledging my return of approval.

I suddenly felt a surge of electricity pulse through me.   Then, as though on queue, the first flare of fireworks went off, and I paused to admire its brilliance; the crowd cheered louder with every bang.

Feeling his hands around my waist, he gently pulled me back enough to feel a thick bulge against my hip. “You know, I’ve always had a crush on you…” he whispered in my ear. “Is that right?” I turned to face him, and took it upon myself to feel his bicep. Rock solid.    Before I knew it my lips were on his.

I could hear the uproar of firecrackers and my girls simultaneously howling -very well knowing their cheers were for me.

It was hot, sexy, magic: a scene straight out of a romantic comedy.

My arms wrapped around his shoulders.

His hands glided down my back for a quick feel.

Butterflies filled my insides as I surrendered myself into him.

His tongue was soft, minty, and never overbearing: the perfect first kiss.    After a few minutes we gently pushed away, overwhelmed by our sudden connection, yet shyly smiling uncontrollably.    “Ugh,” he touched his forehead to mine, “I have to head back to the guys. Shoot me a text tonight if you’re up for it. We’ll be hitting up a house party later. You should come.”

I handed him my phone and he proceeded to type his number under the name There’s a Spark Between Us. “Clever.” I smirked. “Memorable?” “Definitely.” “Good. I’ll see you around, gorgeous.”

He disappeared back into the crowd as quickly as he'd come. I turned to my friends.  “Ummm... excuse me girl, who was that?” One of them teased. “Sparks.” I replied, still trying to contain my smile.    The rest of the night was a blur of bright lights and flashbacks of a kiss encountered with Sparks. I never ended up texting him back, us girls had other plans that night. Regardless Diary, helluva introduction to the Single Life…

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