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Formal Temptation

I walked into the marbled lobby of a large office building and headed straight for the receptionist. “Hey there, I’m here for an interview with a Mr. Green.” “Perfect. 34th floor. I’ll let him know of your arrival.” I was apparently headhunted for a position at a prestigious sales company, so figured a conversation with a recruiter never hurt; and my presence today doesn't have to equal a commitment, anyway. Besides, I'm due for a challenge.

The elevator dinged open showcasing yet another lobby. Two red sofas welcomed me in.

I sat awaiting my meeting while a few people politely smiled in my direction as they passed. Looking around, I notice everyone dressed to impress: no casual code here. Floor-to-ceiling windows surrounded the office exposing the cityscape around us, and the occasional heel-on-marble added a sophisticated ambiance to the place.

Not too freakin’ shabby…

“Kat? Right this way.” A petite blonde named Stacy wearing a leather pencil skirt and purple pumps led me down a corridor and into an enclosed office. I was directed toward a seat placed in front of a steel desk. The view of Financial Drive from up here is one every street photographer would pay to snap pictures of... “Have a seat. Mr. Green will be right in with you.” “Thank you Stacy, I’m here. Hi.”

A tall, charming man with a glistening smile and the type of muscles you couldn’t miss for miles had entered the room.

My stomach dropped.

He took my hand and continued to introduce himself, “Mr. Green.” “Pleasure,” I replied, “thanks for having me in today.” Oh, my, God… “Of course. Could we get you anything before we commence? A coffee, perhaps?” I'll take some whipped cream and a side of handcuffs...

“Water would be great, please.” He nodded towards the blonde, whom promptly reappeared with a chilled glass before finally closing the office door behind her.

We were alone.

I sipped the water, trying to maintain my composure in front of this... God. “We brought you in because our client has requested you personally. They're quite impressed with your… assets.” Did he just check me out? “I’d like to discuss the opportunity at hand," he continued. "Did you have any questions up front?”

Diary, I have no idea how I managed to concentrate throughout our professional conversation. Mr. Green is 110% my type: tanned skin, 6-o’clock shadow; a thick, muscled physique, paired with one helluva smile, and hazel-green eyes. It strength not to pounce atop the desk and give myself to him. A deep voice enunciating words with such confidence and clarity had me purposely ask him questions just to hear him speak more. I could feel myself getting wet throughout the hour.

“I look forward to their feedback… would I be expecting a call directly from you?” I flirted. “Stacy will keep you posted," he smirked. Then he stood. Our meeting was over. He positioned himself behind me, leading me with one hand on my lower back. He opened the door about two inches before shutting it again. “Although,” he began. “Yes, Mr.Green?”

I turned to face him. We were less than a foot apart. My heart begun to race. “I hope I’m not overstepping, but I’d like to take you out. You’ve impressed me beyond your resume.”

His hand shifted, though remained at my side.

My stomach turned with butterflies.

I looked up at him and lightly bit my lip, fighting myself from kissing him.

“You know what, okay. I’ll take you up on that offer.”

Keeping my eyes locked onto his, I extended a hand. I could tell he enjoyed how I played off his temptation.

“Stacy has my number."

He accepted my handshake laughing, and opened the door.

“You’ll hear from me soon, Kat.”

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