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Adrenaline Rush

Updated: May 1, 2020

My phone buzzed as a notification popped up on my home screen: Hey Stranger. Well, well. Look who it is. Casper is a blast from the past who checks in every so often, then disappears into the abyss without a word as though he'd never existed. Another friendly neighborhood ghost.

Kat: Hey to you back. Casper: You up for a little adventure?

It'd been well over a year since the last time I'd spoken with him. We were both in a relationship at the time, although that didn’t stop the butterflies from fluttering when we bumped into each other at a bar. We never acted on our chemistry, outside of minor flirting here or there. There seem to be people whom have this effect on you... and he's mine. I won’t lie Diary, I was smiling like an idiot when his name came up.

Kat: What do you have in mind? Casper: I’ll pick you up at 10 and you’ll find out. Casper: Dress warm. Kat: See you then.

Life is funny sometimes. I'd randomly crept his Facebook just the other day, wondering if him and his girl had broken up. They did. And here he is less than 48-hours later messaging me. I suppose it’s a freakish coincidence that we were both on each other’s mind… either way, I shaved every inch of myself in preparation. You never know. The weather was warmer than usual for a winter night. According to my weather app, temperatures were sitting at 12C with clear skies so I figured I’ll be “dressed warm” enough in a thin sweater and dark ripped jeans. I straightened my hair and kept my makeup effortlessly natural.

Casper: Be there in 5.

Wow, he’s prompt. I walked out of my building awaiting my date… and then I heard it. An engine roared and buzzed into my roundabout; a bright light blinded me as it maneuvered its way toward me. No fucking way. “You’ve never been a good listener.” He said as he took off his helmet, exposing his blue eyes and dark hair. Between his legs stood a large blue and white sports bike. “Since when do you have a GSXR?” I asked. “Since when does ‘dress warm’ mean transparent sweaters and holes in your pants?” He shot back. I couldn’t help but laugh. His banter never failed. “Put this on.” He took off his leather biker jacket and threw it at me. Next he tossed over a spare helmet before ordering me to get on behind him.  “Where are you taking me?” He responded by slapping on my ass. “Hurry up and get on.” 

We rode south to Niagara Falls, going at least 140 km/hr the entire way. I clenched onto his sides and watched as street lights zoomed past. The thrill of the night rumbled through me, matching the vibrations of his machine below my clit. Adrenaline is a hell of an aphrodisiac: I couldn’t wait to get off the Suzuki, and onto him. Less than an hour later we pulled into a hotel at the Falls and he checked us in. As soon as we were alone in the elevator he pushed me up against the mirror and pressed himself up against me. I could feel his shaft stiffing up on my thigh. Our mouths lingered close, teasing each other before finally meeting. It was electric.  As soon as the elevator door opened he took my hand and lead me into our room, throwing me onto the bed. He stood above me smirking. I forgot how sexy he was. He pulled off his shirt exposing thick abs and a V-line. I bit my bottom lip in appreciation.  “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this,” he whispered as he slid himself on top of me. “I’m going to fuck you all night, babydoll.”

I couldn’t help but thrust my hips up at him as he laid on top of me, whispering sexy nothings in my ear. He held my arms above my head with one strong hand; the other holding himself steady as he began to kiss my neck.

Goosebumps rushed down my body as I surrendered to his touch.

“You’re all mine tonight. Say it.”

“I’m yours.” I exhaled. Fuck, he’s driving me crazy.

“Keep your hands there.” He instructed.

I obliged.

He lifted my sweater up over my head, exposing my breasts.

“No bra, baby?” Casper smirked. “Nasty girl.”

He began by brushing his hands gently down my arms, lightly tickling my side, then working his way back up to my breast where he stayed circling my tit with his thumb. Next, he marked his territory on my neck: I moaned as I felt a hickey form.

“Don’t stop.” I whispered. I held my eyes shut, enhancing all my other senses as he maneuvered his lips down to my chest and flicked my other tit with a wet tongue.

My nipple hardened in his mouth.

Casper clearly didn’t shy away from foreplay, and I was loving every dirty bit of attention he laid on me. My breathing sped up as he rubbed my pussy above my jeans, teasing me into a wet state. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me. The way he continued to then unbutton and unzip me slowly made me quiver. I never wanted someone so badly…

He sat up and flipped me over. “Let me see that ass.”

As I laid on my stomach, my arms remaining above my head, he slid my jeans and thong down to my thighs, exposing more skin for him.

I arched my back to give him a better view. He slapped it several times in appreciation. I loved his rough play.

“You’re so tight. So wet,” he admired, slipping a finger in and out of me. “Fuck baby, you’re driving me crazy.”

I found myself desperately groaning I want you into the sheets, desiring more than just his fingertips. I could tell he was loving it too.

He took off his pants and positioned himself back on top, rubbing his dick on the crevasse of my wetness and up my glutes, his cock growing thicker as he played. I could feel my heartbeat pulse in my vagina as he inserted his tip in and out, muttering variations of fuck, oh my God and yes baby as he begun to open me up more with his shaft.

I brought my arms down and held myself open for him, arching my back further, letting him in. His tempo increased; he inserted himself deeper until he was balls deep inside.

I screamed in pleasure with his every hard, passionate thrust.

Diary, he wasn’t lying when he said we’d fuck all night. He’d bust on me every so often, only to get hard and commence one round after another, after another. We bounced off every corner of the hotel room: from the bed, on top of the desk, the shower, even pressed up against the window for all to see...

In all our years of crushing on each other we finally had our night. I only wish it had happened sooner.

Eventually the sun rose, and so came our check-out time. I can’t even tell you how numb my pelvis felt by the time we rode back to my condo and he dropped me off; more than satisfied. All I know is this was the best adventure I’ve had in a while.

“Don’t disappear again for too long, Casper.” I teased, biting his bottom lip as we kissed goodbye, neither of us able to hold back a smile.

And just like that, he rode off into the city.

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