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Too Good to be True

The dialogue over Bumble became progressively steamier the more I text with Unicorn: a too-good-to-be-true, 6ft-something, sweet-yet-witty conversationalist, with a rock hard body that would make Thor himself envious.

There’s something about mental stimulation that gets me ten times more aroused, and this man never failed to hit his mark. I caught myself staring at my phone, happily anticipating his responses. It wasn’t long before temptation had overcome us, and I heard a knock at my door. I welcomed him in by wearing nothing more than a smile and a white silk robe. “You’re beautiful…” He exhaled, stepping towards me. He placed his hands onto my neck and pulled me in for a slow, intensified kiss. “I’ve been thinking about doing that al–”. I bit his lip. I couldn’t help it. I never wanted someone as badly as I needed him inside me right then and there. As though reading my mind, he lifted me by my waist and perched me atop the kitchen counter.

I tugged at my robe, exposing my breasts for him.

He respectfully laid me back and positioned my legs on his shoulders. Wetting his fingers, he rubbed my clit admiringly before inserting them deep into my pussy; simultaneously working in his tongue. My moans became uncontrollable.

“You like that, babe?” He asked. “Don’t stop!” I groaned, pushing his head back into me. My legs trembled as I released my first orgasm onto his juicy lips.

He kept on going until I hit a second. Then a third. I must’ve laid there naked and at his mercy for at least an hour. I eventually sat up and pushed him off to catch my breath. He sat himself on the floor looking up at me smiling, wiping my wetness off his gorgeous face. This man is the devil, and he knows it. “You really like doing that, huh?” I joked, mirroring his smile. “I like anything that makes you happy”, he said. Okay, that was fucking cute. What followed were several moments of complete silence and deep eye contact. It’s like we were teasing each other with all the words we'd left unsaid: literal mental stimulation.

Diary, this man was something else: everything I’d ever wished for. A mythological concept. A fucking Unicorn. And he was right here. Right here And his dick. Holy Shit. It stood erect: tall, veiny and strong. He beckoned me over and I obeyed, promptly positioning myself in front of him. My hands wandered over his bulging chest and they gripped his biceps as I slowly slid myself down his shaft, taking him, little by little. I clenched my pussy at his base, locking him in.

He let out a deep, airy groan that made my body pulse.

I fiercely bounced on his cock harder to hear more of it.

His lips suckled at my tits as I grinded atop him, heightening my sensitivity. “Oh fuck, you’re so wet... so tight.” I could feel his dick pulsate as he closed his eyes. Just when I thought he was about to cum, he grabbed my legs and swiftly maneuvered himself into a standing position, his thick shaft remaining lodged inside me. “Hold tight,” he instructed.

He fucked the soul out of me, Diary. I’m talking full-throttle, rabbit style fucking. My pelvis must’ve bruised from the intensity of his thrusts, though I didn’t care. I let myself fall completely into his mercy, loudly appreciating his efforts. I squirted for the first time in pleasure; it must’ve been my fifth orgasm of the night… and he kept, on, hammering!

The night ended with us sprawled over each other; nothing but weak bodies trying to calm their breath after hours of cardio. I hadn’t even noticed how quickly we had fallen asleep, until I woke to his green-blue eyes smiling back at me the following morning.


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