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A Perfect Gentleman

“I hope you don’t mind, I transferred your file to my colleague, Amanda, for further engagement. This way there’s no conflict of interest.” “Conflict of interest?” I asked, puzzled. “That’s right. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to ask you out. Are you free tonight, Kat?” Damn right I am!

“I’m sure I could move a couple of things around,” I was playing it cool.

We hung up shortly after confirming our meeting time: and I pranced happily around my apartment, searching for an elegant-yet-sexy dress to wear for him. I hadn’t properly wined & dined since I decided to be single nearly 5 months ago, therefore it was no surprise I'd accepted Mr. Green’s offer. Free food aside though, how could a girl say no? He’s stunning! I remember sitting in his office a few weeks ago fighting the urge to pounce him right then and there…

Shortly after 9pm, he stood outside of my condo building holding open the passenger door of his Impala. Are my eyes deceiving me? What a gentleman! I accepted his hand and felt his eyes on me as I made my way comfortably inside.

We drove south toward the lake and onto a promenade overlooking the city. Once parked, we stepped out and he took my hand, guiding me toward a secluded, dark-lit restaurant. “Aw, looks closed.” I observed hesitantly.

His only response was a soft smile. This man was all business: he wore dress pants and a fitted grey dress shirt, accentuating not only his beautiful colored eyes, but also the thick bulk of his biceps that lay veiled underneath.

We looked great together. I felt protected next to him. And also rather lucky. I've a strong feeling many women only dream of a night out with Mr. Green, and yet, there I was.  He led me to the back of the building and knocked 4 times on a large steel door. Within a few seconds a well-dressed man emerged from the restaurant, bowing his head. “Mr. Green,” he welcomed, “Miss Kat”. “Hey Manny,” Green engaged. He then made his way inside and up the stairs, ensuring I took lead. I felt like VIP. What awaited on the third floor was a scene straight from a romantic movie. Candles and lanterns hung illuminating a table made for two; no one but us two and the wait staff, whom promptly poured wine into our glasses upon arrival.

"Thank you," I smiled at our server whilst admiring the set-up, "wow..." “It’s the best seat in the house,” he motioned to the balcony, “with the nicest view.” The moon mimicked the sun, illuminating off the lake; city lights sparkled in the distance adding to the ambiance. I was enraptured by the landscape that stood before me, unable to take my eyes off the scenery. A dark silhouette of trees rimmed the lake on both sides creating an illusion of complete enclosure. I hadn’t even noticed Green staring at me as I was lost in wander.  “I can’t figure you out, Kat.” “What do you mean?” I abruptly broke my gaze, meeting his. He slowly positioned himself behind me and gathered my hair to one side, exposing my neck for him to kiss on.

A wave of goosebumps rushed over me and couldn’t help but to melt back into him.

His arms wrapped themselves around me and we stood cuddled on this balcony, staring out at the world for a while longer. “I’ve learned not many women truly appreciate the simple things, not as much as you appear to,” he spoke softly, acknowledging my love of nature.  I turned to face him and we kissed passionately under the moonlight until Manny reappeared, politely clearing his throat. “Dinner is served.” He gestured. Our conversation over dinner was entertaining, open, and overall felt natural. He was loose and humored, yet somehow kept up his business-gentleman demeanor throughout. Part of me thinks he's an undercover sexy Wallstreet-mafia dude, of sorts... to which he let out a loud laugh when I'd mentioned it to him.

Temptation hung over us; none of us initiating anything further than a couple soft yet lengthy make-out sessions after dessert. Our night ended with him driving me home and walking me to the elevator, wishing me a good night. A part of me hoped he had come up, although I admit it was a refreshing change not to subject to a quick fuck.

I spent the next hour fantasizing of what could have been, resulting in two self-stimulating orgasms...

It wasn’t until morning when my phone buzzed, and his name popped up on my screen.

I couldn’t help but smile. Mr. Green: I can’t get you off of my mind. Kat: Right back at you. Mr. Green: When can I see you again? Kat: Are you free now?

Mr. Green: Give me an hour. Ice cream for breakfast?

Kat: Ummm… Yeah!

Mr. Green: Dress comfortably. I know a spot you might enjoy, but it’s a bit of a drive.

Kat: I’m game. See you soon.

Insert: belly butterflies!

The night prior left me swooning, and yet it appeared he had plenty more up his sleeve. Unsure of what to expect, I set aside the black dress I wore on our date yesterday, and opted in for traditional yoga pants with a light sweater and some sneakers ...hoping his idea of ‘comfortable’ isn’t more business attire.

“Hey gorgeous,” he called as I stepped outside. “Ready to go?”

“That depends. Where are you taking me?” I asked, before planting a kiss on his cheek.

He was wearing sweatpants, matching my casual attire.

“You’ll see.” He answered cheerfully, proceeding to close the car door after me.

I could get used to this!

After driving for an hour into the countryside, we turned onto a gravel road leading straight into a forest.

“Please don’t murder me, Mafioso.” I joked.

He smiled wildly and winked in my direction. “We’re here!”

“Uhh-I don’t see any ice cream shops, Mr. Green.”

“Ah,” he replied, smirking, “that’s because you haven’t looked hard enough.”

Intrigued, I let myself out of the Impala and breathed in the crisp Spring air. We were at an entrance of what appeared to be a National Park, although his car was the only one in the lot. In the distance I could make out a couple walking their lab; secretly wishing they were closer so I could pet him.

“Come on, beautiful.” He motioned to a small dirt path. I followed.

We hiked for a half hour before coming across a large bush, which he maneuvered through, exposing a picnic bench placed near a cliff’s edge, completely hidden from passersby.

The view was spectacular. Below us laid miles of golden fields and I noticed a handful of farms hosting animals in large enclosures. I could tell he was reading my mind as I looked out in amazement before exclaiming, “THIS is my thinking spot!”

I was pleasantly surprised by his down-to-earthness side.

“Important question," He said, facing me. "This is test."

"If I get it wrong you're not going to toss me over, are you?" I replied, half jokingly.

"Hahah, we'll see. Salted Caramel or Strawberry Cheesecake?”

“Um, strawberry cheesecake?”

Green tossed me a pint of Ben & Jerry’s out of his bag.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the execution. “Well played!”

We sat on the bench eating ice cream while sharing fond childhood memories and discussing various life goals. I could feel my infatuation build as a couple hours ticked by, silently craving his hands on me.

Overcome by lust, I stood and positioned myself between his legs, leaning into into him, feeling his broad shoulders.

His hands grazed my waist, then pulled me on top of him.

“It’s becoming hard to control myself around you, Kat.”

“So don’t.” I cooed, granting permission.

He stood, lifting me up with him before gently positioning me down across the bench.

I began to slide off my bottoms, exposing a clean shaven cunt for him.

He didn’t hesitate to join me in my nakedness. His shaft stood erect and strong for me, ready to deliver. He proceeded to spit on his fingers and direct the saliva onto his pulsing tip. He tapped his tip on my clit several times before slowly easing himself into me.

We groaned simultaneously.

He picked up the tempo, silencing my growing moans with his hand across my mouth.

It didn’t last long. Our spontaneity only allowed for a quickie being in the Park, although my desire for Mr. Green had been fulfilled tenfold.

We spent the rest of the day strolling the wood, having small picnics of all the snacks he'd brought us. We headed back just as the sun began to set.

And so Diary, that concluded the best couple of dates I’ve had in... well, ever. Looks like Spring may be a little more green than I imagined.

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