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A Perfect Gentleman

“I hope you don’t mind, I transferred your file to my colleague, Amanda, for further engagement. This way there’s no conflict of interest.” “Conflict of interest?” I asked, puzzled. “That’s right. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to ask you out. Are you free tonight, Kat?” Damn right I am! “I’m sure I could move a couple of things around,” I was playing it cool. We hung up shortly after confirming our meeting time: and I pranced happily around my apartment, searching for

Formal Temptation

I walked into the marbled lobby of a large office building and headed straight for the receptionist. “Hey there, I’m here for an interview with a Mr. Green.” “Perfect. 34th floor. I’ll let him know of your arrival.” I was apparently headhunted for a position at a prestigious sales company, so figured a conversation with a recruiter never hurt; and my presence today doesn't have to equal a commitment, anyway. Besides, I'm due for a challenge. The elevator dinged open

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