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Here comes Trouble

I met Trouble a couple of weeks back at the local grocery store. I was staring at the signs above me as I walked passed the aisles, navigating my way toward the baking section. I must've zoned out about something because my cart suddenly halted itself into my abdomen as it struck into a neatly stacked pile of toilet paper rolls. Clumsy Kat strikes again! No surprise. “Oh my God! Why am I like this?” I laughed, asking no one in particular. “Aye, just what I needed,” a de

Day of the Dead

“Dia de Muertos! Vamanos!” Stinky exclaimed, waking us all from a late-afternoon nap. Christine and I promptly got up and got ready. We matched in jean skirts, black tops, and Day of the Dead makeup; a skully, yet flowery design in black and white face paint. Simple, yet part of the tradition. Stretch and Casper had rubbed black eyeshadow over their eyes in a drunken laughter. Fatso wore a t-shirt with a skeleton print, and howled happily at their antics. “Happy H

Mile-High Club

The PA clicked on: “Now boarding flight 743 to Cancun, please come to Gate 2 with…” There I was: at the airport chilling with none other than Casper and friends: Enter Fatso, Stinky and Stretch. And Christine, obviously. “Yo, this is gonna be wild!” Stretch announced, grabbing his duffel bag with the dopiest smile slapped on his face. “Cancun, Cancun, Cancun!” Fatso fisted the air. “We’re not staying in Cancun, dumbass,” Christine chimed in. “Aye Clumsy, do you ha

Les’ Be Honest

Christine and I had both been ditched on our double date, so we decided on a girls night in: cheese pizza, old movies, and plenty of wine. A good ol’ no boys allowed kinda vibe. We sang along to Grease and laughed until our face masks cracked, then we laughed at how ridiculous we looked. Two bottles later we sat on her balcony and smoked the blunt we prepared earlier. The night was crisp; summer had started to hit its end. We crammed into her outdoor sofa under a thick bla

A Perfect Gentleman

“I hope you don’t mind, I transferred your file to my colleague, Amanda, for further engagement. This way there’s no conflict of interest.” “Conflict of interest?” I asked, puzzled. “That’s right. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to ask you out. Are you free tonight, Kat?” Damn right I am! “I’m sure I could move a couple of things around,” I was playing it cool. We hung up shortly after confirming our meeting time: and I pranced happily around my apartment, searching for

Too Good to be True

The dialogue over Bumble became progressively steamier the more I text with Unicorn: a too-good-to-be-true, 6ft-something, sweet-yet-witty conversationalist, with a rock hard body that would make Thor himself envious. There’s something about mental stimulation that gets me ten times more aroused, and this man never failed to hit his mark. I caught myself staring at my phone, happily anticipating his responses. It wasn’t long before temptation had overcome us, and I heard a

Adrenaline Rush

My phone buzzed as a notification popped up on my home screen: Hey Stranger. Well, well. Look who it is. Casper is a blast from the past who checks in every so often, then disappears into the abyss without a word as though he'd never existed. Another friendly neighborhood ghost. Kat: Hey to you back. Casper: You up for a little adventure? It'd been well over a year since the last time I'd spoken with him. We were both in a relationship at the time, although that didn’t stop t

Formal Temptation

I walked into the marbled lobby of a large office building and headed straight for the receptionist. “Hey there, I’m here for an interview with a Mr. Green.” “Perfect. 34th floor. I’ll let him know of your arrival.” I was apparently headhunted for a position at a prestigious sales company, so figured a conversation with a recruiter never hurt; and my presence today doesn't have to equal a commitment, anyway. Besides, I'm due for a challenge. The elevator dinged open

Three’s a Crowd

“I can’t believe we’re about to do this.” I said, repositioning my breasts comfortably into a bikini top. “This is crazy. Is this crazy?” She responded, nervously. “Yep. Sort of feels like we’re back in college.” My best friend and I drove north about three hours in a snow storm leading directly to 69’s cottage for the weekend. His parents own a log cabin in the middle of the woods with 4 bedrooms, a large living room, and a hot tub wide enough to fit at least 10 people

Rough Off the Ice

Chilled air kissed my cheeks as we watched the hockey game over at a nearby University campus rink. My friend pushed the idea to head out and watch her new boytoy play. “Oh, that’s him! Number 69!” she cheered. Amused, I shook my head. She always liked the bad-ass, immature type. “Where’d you meet this guy, again?” “Bumble.” “Of course.” I smirked, swinging back the beer we snuck in. “What?” “You always manage to have the best luck on these apps. Meanwhile I se

The Magic Word

He gently grabbed the wine glass from my lips and leaned in to take its place. Tonight I found myself at a chic downtown bar, locking lips with a total stranger. He was of more gentleman than sleaze. The type of man you wouldn’t feel embarrassed waking up next to after several cocktails... Which is really more than I could say about the Tinder date I left behind about an hour ago! Ugh, this guy's breath was appalling, his shirt was stained beyond repair, and he would constant

Sparks Between Us

Red flames engulfed the CN Tower: a signal the show is about to commence. Three girlfriends and I stood bundled together, a tried tactic to not lose each other in an audience of at least a 20-thousand. Everyone gathered together in red and white for Canada Day, eager to witness the fireworks go off at any moment.   I looked around, admiring the crowd. Kids with LED bands around their wrists and necks jumped about excitedly, their parents repeatedly lecturing them to stay clo

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