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Christine: Gahhh, hurry up!

Christine: This "party" is a dud. club tonight?

Kat: Bar? I’ll be hungry by then

Christine: Mmm yes, good call

Christine: k c u soon!?

Kat: waiting for the Uber now

Switching from iMessage to the Uber app, I looked up my driver’s photo to recognize him upon arrival; I’m better with faces than cars...

Stumbling upon his image, I realized I knew him from... somewhere.

I looked over at his name: Talon Mase.

No bells rang.

Kat: do we know a Talon Mase?

Christine: who? No. Are you in the Uber yet?

Kat: he’s 5 min away, relaaax

Christine: 😑

Kat: LOL it’s only 8! I’ll be there soon

Christine’s half-sister’s birthday celebration is tonight, and by the sounds of it all of the “booky nerd people” (courtesy of Christine’s childhood description) had shown up to the party. From my understanding, all if not most of Vanessa’s friends are lawyers (like her), drink chilled red wine (like her), and prefer 80’s hits karaoke as entertainment (like her). If I could be completely honest though, it didn’t necessarily sound like that bad of a time...

I headed out as a black car rolled up; to my "luck" I couldn’t quite see the driver's face due the mass-reflection of my lobby’s overhead lights on blacked-out windows. Walking around the back to quickly confirm his license plate (safety first!), I finally maneuvered my way into the backseat of the vehicle. Spacious.


“Mhm, that’s me!”





He threw his gaze off from the rear view mirror and turned into my direction.

“Wow, babe you look great tonight.”

“Excu-“ suddenly I recognized him: a flashback of a hot night of over-priced wine, whiskey, and kinky games spilled into my inner memory box...

Mystery Man,” I whispered.

“Mystery Man.” He repeated, then laughed to himself. He exposed a smile that never failed to initiate a familiar tingle in my...

“Yes,” I cut my wild thoughts short, “Mystery Man. It’s what I named you when I’d left your place that night.”

“Oh, I remember...”

“Wait. What? How?

“You left me a note on a napkin.”

"Ah yes, hah! I totally forgot I did that...”

“Come over to the front,” he directed.

“So bossy...” I joked, whilst accepting his invitation.

He smelled great, like soft perfumers-musk and a hundred fresh showers. He grew out his beard a bit since I’d last seen him, although his knee-bending smile shined through just the same.

“Who’s in Burton?”

Hm? Oh-“ bringing myself back again, “it’s my best friends’ sisters’ 43rd-”

“I see.” He interrupted, “so... what you’re telling me is... you have some time to kill.”

Maintaining his eyes on the road, he instructed me to check my phone.

I followed.

“You… you cancelled my Uber?!”

“Yes,” he smiled to himself, “I’m not letting you disappear so easily this time.”

“...D-do you always kidnap your Uber customers?”

“Yep,” he replied, in a joking tone.

Ding, ding... round two!

I took this opportunity to message Christine.

Kat: something’s... come up. lmao

Kat: I’ll be there soon

Christine: Typing...

Kat: tell you about it later!

...And shoved my phone away. I could feel her triple-text me through the material of my clutch, remembering I left my setting on vibrate. I threw my belongings over my shoulder and into the backseat. Sorry girl, eyes on the prize.

“I’ve always wondered, Kat... why didn’t you leave your number on the flip-side of that napkin?”

I blushed. “I guess I figured if Chance brought us together once, it just might do it again.”

“And so it did.” He said.

I could tell he tried to keep himself from smiling too wildly.

And so it did,” I mimicked.

Noting the tinted windows again, I decided to dance with the Devil a little bit...

Putting the volume up on a J Cole song, I sexually arched my chest in his direction, slowly unzipping my top for him; my gaze never leaving his beautiful face...

“Oh my God...”

His hand casually adjusted an ever-growing bulge.

I licked my top lip, notably acknowledging it.

He comically accelerated.

As he did, my zipper had reached the end of its shiny-silver tracks, and my shirt flung open for him. A black-laced push-up bra made my breasts look phenomenal in the sun’s setting glow. I fondled with the seat belt, playfully securing it between my boobs; allowing him to imagine something else in its place.

Diary, I was ready to be ravished by him again.

I somehow knew he was thinking the same thing.

2-minutes later, we turned onto a familiar street, and he smoothly eased his car into a small garage; effortlessly reverse-parking it into a single-aisle spot.

Surrounding us was nothing but concrete walls.

Not bad, Mystery Man.

I kicked over my leg and positioned myself over him.

Reaching down over his side, I swiftly pulled on a toggle and sent his seat back, comfortably.

He looked up at me, impressed.

Admittedly I was impressed too, and filled the momentary silence with a genuine giggle.

I allowed his hands to fall where they wanted, and leaned further into him for a passion-filled kiss. He gripped my ass with one hand, and the back of my neck with his other. My pussy began to pulse as our crotches lightly, yet somehow deeply, began to grind against each other as we made out.

"We should take these off now," he suggested, staring at my lips; abruptly slapping the back pocket of my jeans, hard.

I enjoyed the startling tingle it left behind.

"As you wish, Mystery Man..."

I leaned back in for another long kiss, and then slowly opened the door, stepping out. Lightly pressing against the concrete, I let him watch from behind as I unzipped my jeans; sliding them off for him. Looking over my shoulder, I noticed his territorial gaze; and a soft, almost child-like grin.

He's really something, this one.

I opened the back door and proceeded in, whilst hearing him kick off his jeans.

He shuffled in beside me, now in his boxers; his dick ready to pop out.

I was craving a taste. "Let me suck it."

He closed the door and re-positioned himself for me, accepting my request.

I leaned in and pulled off his boxers. His tip flung up and randomly flicked my nose. We shared a laugh at first, and then I proceeded to moistly suck on his tip; gradually gliding up and down on him, as deeply as able. His strong exhales turned me on. I could feel him begin to pulse on my tongue...

"My turn," he said.

I lifted my face up for him and he lightly wiped the spit off my chin, smiling his smile...

Okay. He's good...

I shifted myself onto my back, ready to have the favor returned.

"...What is that?" He asked, hearing a distant buzz from his car floor.



He reached down to grab my clutch, popped it open and took out my phone.

"Um, invasive much?" I laughed, knowing it was locked.

He glanced over at me and offered me a smirk, then positioned the ringing phone onto the crotch of my panties.

Okay, he's really good!

As soon as Christine gave up calling, he willingly bent down, moved my panties to the side, and kissed my clit with a poking tongue. I grabbed the back of his hair and pushed his face further into me; moaning as I slowly thrust onto him. He stayed down on me for several joyful minutes...

My pussy was drenched in cum and saliva; ready for his entry.

He considerately put on a condom and glided himself into me.

We exhaled at the same time.

The car windows were beginning to fog shortly after; and I took the opportunity to dramatically drag my hand across the car window like Rose from Titanic.

I was surprisingly pleased by his tempo switch-ups; he was somehow reading my mind.

5-6 minutes following, he let out a deep groan and gravity gently pushed him into me.

He threw me a thumbs up, and I returned his rating. We laughed through long breaths, and then began to help each other gather ourselves back to appropriate standards.

Enjoyable small talk ensued through-out this time; we put on our clothes, I fixed-up my lipstick in his front mirror, and he returned his focus onto the car; properly repositioning it to his comfort.

After another couple of minutes or-so, he turned over to me and asked if I was ready to head out.

"Sure am! What time is it, by the way?" I asked, whilst tucking in the mirror of his sun-visor, flipping it back into place.

"9:07. Put my number in your phone."

I unlocked it and plugged in his digits.

"Now call me, please."

I laughed, and did as asked.

"Thank you."

"Oh, you're welcome."

He laughed. "Alright let's get you going, babe. Pop the party address into the navi."


*Entry #15 of KNM's Fiction Erotica series, "Secrets of a Single Girl".

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