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Here comes Trouble

I met Trouble a couple of weeks back at the local grocery store.

I was staring at the signs above me as I walked passed the aisles, navigating my way toward the baking section. I must've zoned out about something because my cart suddenly halted itself into my abdomen as it struck into a neatly stacked pile of toilet paper rolls. Clumsy Kat strikes again! No surprise. “Oh my God! Why am I like this?” I laughed, asking no one in particular. “Aye, just what I needed,” a deep voice randomly exclaimed. Puzzled, I turned the corner and saw a man standing in a heap of rolls, most of which fell into his cart.

Diary, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard! We exchanged numbers and text each other for days upon days.

Fast forward: I find my wrists bound to my bed by the Christmas lights he helped me (finally) take down less than an hour ago. Trouble stood over me, shirtless. His chest is tattooed over; black and grey ink spreading up onto his shoulders and down his biceps, melting into a sleeve of stories, faces, and symbols I couldn’t wait to touch.

His eyes remained glued to mine as he maneuvered his way over to the window, drawing the blinds up for the world to see us, exposed. It was dusk. The city lights below us twinkled as the orange-pink sky faded to darker shades of blue...

I couldn’t help but think my soul escaped my body the moment his mouth engulfed my lips -and I don’t mean the ones on my face. He firmly held my thighs in place as I quivered from his juicy kisses.

His tongue rolled on my clit in such a way that drove me absolutely wild.

My hands ached to be free, to grasp hold of him. “I want to taste you.” I begged, licking my lips. His tongue disappeared behind a sexy smile.

Not bothering to even wipe the juices off his 5 o’clock shadow, he stood over me unzipping his jeans, casually kicking them off.

His dick stood erect for me.

My pussy pulsed for him. “Hold on babe,” he whispered, “I want a better view of this...” He bent over, pinched my chin and silenced me with a passionate kiss. I watched him grab a cable and plug it in. The lights wrapped around my arms flickered, illuminating my face for him.

He propped himself closer to me; a thick tip dangled in front of my lips.

I looked up at him as he brushed a hair strand off my face.

Fuck he’s sexy. I opened my mouth, tasting as much of him as I could with a slobbered tongue.

He thrust into my face gently, spit dripped down my face. “You’re fucking beautiful,” he groaned. I moaned as he continued to fuck my mouth. After several minutes he slid himself off the bed and began to untie me again.

“I have an idea.” “What?” I asked him, turned on and catching my breath, “what are you up to now?” “Turn around and bend over.” As instructed, I posed into a doggy position, curving my ass up for him.

He grabbed and bent my right arm back, causing my chest to fall forward onto the bed sheets. Then he grabbed my left arm, and tied them both up again.

He spat on my pussy and rubbed his throbbing cock over both my holes. “Relax for me, baby.” “I want you,” I responded, granting him permission to do whatever he desired. He squirted lube and rubbed it all over me, slowly sliding himself into my pussy as a thick thumb pulsed in and out of my ass, preparing me for what’s to come. He loved every second of this.

Admittedly, I did too. You’re so wet...” “I’m ready.” Trouble gradually slid himself out of my vagina and he slapped his tip against my asshole a few times. I swear it suddenly grew bigger… “Knock-Knock,” he said. I could tell he was smiling. “Who’s there?” I responded, giggling softly. I bit my lip as his tip eased its way into my tight hole. He pulsed himself in and out of me. “Relax for me baby,” he reminded. I closed my eyes and exhaled, submitting myself entirely to him. He took his time on me and I orgasmed throughout the night. Whoever thought anal would actually feel this great?

All I know is he left me suddenly craving more kink in my life...

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