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Three’s a Crowd

“I can’t believe we’re about to do this.” I said, repositioning my breasts comfortably into a bikini top. “This is crazy. Is this crazy?” She responded, nervously. “Yep. Sort of feels like we’re back in college.”

My best friend and I drove north about three hours in a snow storm leading directly to 69’s cottage for the weekend. His parents own a log cabin in the middle of the woods with 4 bedrooms, a large living room, and a hot tub wide enough to fit at least 10 people. She had been invited up by 69, who apparently throws an annual “Last Hurrah” to end the year right. Naturally, I tagged along for the ride… though it wasn’t until our drive up that I was asked to join in on a surprise threesome with her and her hockey beau.

“I have some ground rules.” She began. “Say no more, honey.” I knew exactly where this was going. “I won’t let him do me. All foreplay.” Relieved, she took my hand and lead me out back to where 69 sat in the hot tub, steam rising all around him. No one else had arrived yet; most likely delayed by the storm.

I sunk back into the jets comfortably, taking in the relaxing contrast of hot water and brisk winter air. It wasn’t long before the alcohol kicked in and her firm nipple was in my mouth.

She exhaled as my finger repeatedly slid into her pulsing vagina.

I glanced over at 69 who showed his appreciation by stroking his cock for us. Keeping my eyes on him, I bent her over the tub and rubbed her round ass for him, directing him inside her. As he'd begun to fuck her I slipped out and laid on the heated deck, spreading my legs in front of her.

Her moans vibrated on my pussy and his pace sped up to the sound.

Water splashed frantically with his every thrust. I held her head in place as I locked eyes with 69 for a moment before he let out a satisfactory groan. Show’s over, folks.

I left them to relax together and headed inside to sneak in a quick orgasm of my own before everyone finally arrived.

As I slide the backdoor closed I heard a voice behind me ask, “Did you have a good time?” I quickly turned and shined my phone screen's light in the direction of the voice, only to find 67 on the calmly couch looking back up at me, smirking. “Do you always sit around in the dark like this?!” Clearly stunned by his surprise. “Only when the show is good.” “Ha-Ha.” I mocked. Damn, he looked good though.

I don’t know if it was my lingering horniness or his witty demeanor that set me off, though I crept my way toward him, gradually pulling the strings of my bikini set, effortlessly untying them.

He grazed his hands over my wet thighs and pulled my naked body on top of him. I let him grip my neck as our lips touched, sending goosebumps all over me.

My hand found its way over his jeans, massaging his thickened bulge. “You still want more?” he whispered. “Yes, Sir.” Unzipping him, I exposed his shaft and rubbed it on the wetness of my clit before he gripped my waist and slid himself into me fiercely, sending a loud moan quickly muffled by his hand over my mouth.

Biting my lip, I leaned him back into the couch and took him in completely with my every bounce. My nipples hardened as he pinched them, and I rode him faster and harder into orgasm...


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